Mirror reflecting Ashley applying a color treatment to a client's hair at Hygge Hair Studio.

Hair Services

Whether you want a simple trim or a completely new hairstyle, I’m here to help you find a look that enhances your inner and outer beauty.

Haircuts LOVE YOUR ‘DO


Women’s Cut

Short or long. Thick or fine. Straight, wavy, or curly. No matter what type of hair you have, I can help bring out its natural texture with a cut that will flatter your features and make you feel as amazing on the outside as you are on the inside.

Men’s Cut

In addition to haircuts catered toward women, I’m also trained in traditional barber techniques to help men feel confident about their hair. Whether you want the latest masculine hairstyle or a classic cut, I can help you achieve your desired look.

Kid’s Cut

As a mother of two, I understand sitting still for a haircut can be challenging for many little ones. I’m happy to do whatever it takes to make your child as comfortable as possible while giving them a fresh hairstyle they’ll love.

Man getting his hair cut.


All Over (Single Process)

With all-over color treatment, I apply one solid color to your hair with permanent or semi-permanent dye to even out your tone, bring out your unique features, or give you a chance to express your creativity with a fun, vibrant color.


Add definition and shine to your hair with highlights, lowlights, or a mixture of both. Using strategically placed foils, this process involves applying color to sections of your hair to create a dimensional, yet natural look.


From a dramatic ombre to your favorite hue of the rainbow, I’ll help you achieve your unique hair goals through my specialty color services, so you can stand out in any crowd while giving your hair the treatment it needs to stay healthy.


For those who want a soft, natural color without the rigid upkeep, consider balayage color treatment. Through this process, I paint sections of your hair with a sweeping motion to achieve expertly blended color that grows out gradually over time.


Restore or boost your hair’s shine with a glaze treatment. Available in color shades or clear, hair glazes fill in the tiny crevices in your strands that develop from excess heat or chemicals so you can enjoy smooth, frizz-free locks.



Hair Facial

A true spa experience, a hair facial deeply cleans, hydrates, and massages the scalp to revitalize your hair while improving circulation. In addition to making your hair healthier, this treatment can also reverse years of damage.

Malibu Treatment

Chemicals like chlorine, calcium, and iron can make it hard for desired hair treatments to bind to your hair. The Malibu treatment removes this buildup to create a fresh foundation for conditioner, color, and glaze.


Don’t have curls yet, but love the look? I can make that happen with a permanent (often referred to as a “perm”). Whether you want tight curls or beachy waves, this treatment adds extra volume and texture that accentuates your facial features.

Ashley is washing her client's hair in a backwash sink at Hygge Hair Studio.
Woman with long, curly, red hair is smiling.


Eyebrow Shaping

Reframe your face in minutes with my eyebrow shaping services. To achieve your desired look, I’ll measure your face to determine what hair to remove to bring out the beauty of your natural brow shape. Results are immediate and last 2 – 3 weeks.

Lip or Chin Wax

Remove any unwanted hair on your upper lip or chin with a facial wax in these designated areas of your face to exfoliate your skin, create a smoother foundation for makeup, and thin out facial hair over time. Enjoy baby-soft skin for up to 3 weeks.